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I just wanted to let you know how happy i am with my new city guide website! I have been looking for an online business to start and came across  I had a lot of questions for John about how the business opportunity and website works.  I gave him a call on his personal telephone number and he answered all of my many questions I had for him.  John got my site up and running in 1 day, and even after my site was up and running i had more questions which I ended up by emailing him and got responses within minutes.  John has built a system that really works well.  Thanks for building a site that is extremely easy to use.  I look forward to many years to come....

Jay Johnson

Your "CITY GUIDE SYSTEM" is the very best on the Internet and the support is phenomenal as I have been involved in other systems and believe me you and your people are superior in all respects to the others. I have owned and operated the "AnnistonOxford City Guide" for about a year now and have been very successful in the promotion of the site.

Also there has been no Downtime at all the availability of the system is super and it is very USER FRIENDLY as far as the "Individual Business Owners" using the system. Your "Online SITE MANAGER" is amazing as to how easy and user friendly it is to use, And it puts the Programming into the users hands as far as updating their "CITY GUIDE SITE ADS". When getting new clients for the City Guide Site all you have to do is show the system to the Business Owner and it sells itself. I personally do "Cold Calling" on business's in my area using a Laptop Computer and I can Go Online right then and there which makes for a very "Impressive Demonstration" !

Dick Jacobs

"In the past several years I have struggled to find a city website builder that not only matches my needs, but the needs of a small business clientele.  John, I believe you have finally hit the proverbial nail on its head with "YourCityGuide".  It's easy for me to use, and very functional for website visitors and for business owners.  Because your labor of love has made my dream of a network of local youth sites a reality, I thank you.  Although I'm just beginning my second city guide, I look forward to a long, rewarding and enjoyable relationship with you.
Nola Eisenbrandt

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"Hello John......I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my new City Guide.  I've been marketing on the Internet for almost 5 years and I've seen it all, and then some.  Your product is the best I've seen and your customer service is  second to none!!  I will definitely be telling all my associates about you and your product.'re the BEST!"  Ken Malohn

"Working with John and his company is a reminder that there are businessmen of integrity.  This company exceeds all of our expectations both in technical and creative ability.  More importantly is his honesty and determination to make sure we were satisfied with our purchase. " Buy with confidence" does not do this man justice!"  
Kenneth M Krumm

"The best customer service I've seen in a long time. John had a logo for us within a few hours and the site up and running in just a 1 day. He answered all my emails promptly and was very helpful through the entire process. The site manager is very easy to use. I was able to make changes to my site within minutes without having any programming experience. I can't wait to start promoting my new site." 
Rick Garza

"Superior service, First Class web site design, and very professional.  John is very helpful through the entire transaction.   He makes the necessary changes, will get you all set up, registered and ready for business in no time!  He also will design the logo to correspond with your site city like mine for the Tampa Bay area.   I will definitely continue to do business with him.  This is the way all customers should be treated. "  
Jody Preggent

"John was excellent to work with.  I am a business owner with 2 very successful sites running now and my wife was looking for something to do to earn some income.  John was very helpful in answering all of our questions, putting up with our many questions, and he made all of the changes to get our site up and running within a couple of days!  He is truly a joy to work with and offers an amazing product for anyone looking to make some money."    Lee Dodd

"Just a note to tell how satisfied and pleased we are with the website you created. Looks really professional with your arranging of the content. You proposed a schedule, worked within it and delivered the work just as you proposed. Thanks. Sometimes things work out better than expected and yours did."   Mohammad Khan

"Bravo, Great, Outstanding, wonderful, Great Job, Amazed!  What else could I say. You are wonderful. I did not expect this that soon. But I Thank You so very much. I hope some day we may meet in person to thank you as a Businessman should. You did an Outstanding job on the logo. My Hat's of to you. You do Great Work. I guess I can not praise you enough." Aaron Cook