It couldn't be more simple!  I have spent over 7 years developing the easy to use site manager which allows you to have total control of your entire website with NO PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE.   By just filling out simple web forms you can make changes to all aspects of your website instantly...add new pages, banner ads, and more.   New listings are approved with one click!   Plus our WYSIWYG Editor allows you to add flair to your pages....add colored text, pictures, video and more with no programming knowledge whatsoever!

A complete tutorial is included as well as tech support to help get you get started managing your new site.   Plus, each of your "Featured Businesses" have their own ACCOUNT MANAGER so they can update their listing info themselves...which means you don't have to!

(Above) Screen shots of the simple to use site manager.  If you have ever filled out a form on the web, you can run this entire website.


Our Exclusive WYSIWYG Editor makes
it easy to "Get Creative"!

Edit your page content with our easy to use, Microsoft Word-like editor.  Add pictures, embed videos, get creative with text and can do it all!   Not only can you use the editor to create great layouts, but each of your featured businesses have access to the editor as they can add pictures, videos, and more to their "Business Showcase".  Go ahead, give it a try and see how easy it is!




(Feel free to try it out...the features have been disabled, however
it allows you to see how easy the site is to manage)