I have spent 1000's of hours programming features on my city guides to make them content rich and very user friendly.  Here are some of the many features that will keep your visitors coming back over and over again:

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 Complete Yellow Page Listings for all of the Businesses in your City or Town...Instant Content!

We provide the only business directory that is PRELOADED with all of your city or town's business listings.  Users can search by category or business name and find the addresses, phone numbers, maps & directions to every business in your area.  Most websites charge $1000's of dollars to license this information alone, but we have included it in your city guide FOR NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

  Locality Feature Allows Visitors to "Go Local" and Narrow Search Results to their Part of Town

This incredible feature allows your website visitors to view only the listings in a particular area (or locality) of your city.  After your website is set up, you decide how you want to divide your city - by neighborhoods or areas, cardinal directions, whatever you think would make it easy for your visitors to recognize.  Then using our handy zip code map, just assign zip codes to each of your localities and this powerful feature will allow your visitors to really "Go Local!".

  Offer the most powerful advertising package in town with the Featured Business Showcase

When one of your website visitors searches your business directory, all of your "Featured Businesses" (Business who have paid to be Featured) will be listed at the top of the results.  Their listing stands out from the crowd in a gold box, and provides a link to their "Business Showcase" page (more information on Business Showcases & what it includes below)

  Community Savings Card - Better than Coupons! 

  Post Unlimited Free Picture Classified Ads! 

Each of your site visitors can sign up for a free account and add free classified ads with a picture of their item to your website.  Classified Ads appear below the items listed by your Featured Businesses in "The Marketplace".

  Shop Online in "The Marketplace" 

All of the items posted for sale by both your Featured Businesses & Free Classifieds users are fully searchable by category or keyword in "The Marketplace".  When a search is performed, items by your Featured Businesses are listed first, followed by Free Classified items, and then matching items.  If a website visitor clicks through to an item and makes a purchase, you receive a commission on the sale!

  Searchable Coupon Page

Allows your website visitors to view all of the coupons offered by your "Featured Businesses".  They can easily bring up the coupons of a particular business, and also display any desired coupons on a printable page.

  Local Content - Local News, Events, Gas Prices, Lottery #'s, Real Estate, & more!

We think the most important aspect of our guides is making it rich in local content.  In addition to all of our other great local features such as the Business Directory, we also pre-load each website with the kind of local links people are looking for.  Your website visitors can check out local news, look for a new home, or find an apartment without ever leaving your website.

  Business Card Billboard on your Homepage 

Offer local businesses another advertising option with your "Business Card Billboard"!  You can upload up to 15 business card images that will be displayed in a slideshow on your homepage. 

  Live Local Radar and Weather Page

Your guide displays a live radar feed and temperature reading n the upper right corner of every page on your website that is automatically updated every 5-10 minutes. It also contains a link to a full page weather and forecast report to keep your visitors informed.

  The Arcade

For those who like to burn some time playing games online, we've added an arcade with some addictive games your website visitors can play.  Retro games like Pacman and Frogger will take them right back to the 80's!

  Discussion Forum & Blog

We provide simple instructions on how you can add a community discussion forum and even your own personal blog if you want to publish your own rants.  A forum is a great way to keep visitors coming back, as they can chat about anything from movies, to local issues to (uh oh) politics. 

  Add Your Own New Links & Content Easily!

One of the best features of our city guides is that we have given you the ability to add new links and content to your website...and it is so EASY!   Add anything you think your website visitors would like.  You can create a new page from scratch and add any content you desire, or create a link to another website such as the Chamber of Commerce or Visitor's Bureau.  We've given you room to make your website grow so that there is always something new an interesting for your visitors!


The reason that our city guides offer the best online business opportunity out there is our powerful business directory.  Website owners are able to offer local businesses the most exciting and affordable advertising available anywhere. 

And remember, your advertisers can update everything themselves as often as they want to.  This makes the website hassle free for you while allowing them to keep their items, coupons, savings cards offers, and more fresh and up-to-date!  There is no other advertising package in town like it!

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  Top Level, Featured Listing in your directory, under the category of their choice 

Featured listings appear above all non-featured listings.  Business are listed under the category of their choice, and their listing contains their full address, phone number, website link (if applicable), map & directions links, and most importantly...a link to their "Business Showcase" (see below) 

  The Business Showcase , a exclusive 

A virtual storefront for all of your Featured Businesses, their Business Showcase can be UPDATED INSTANTLY, AT ANY TIME...right through any computer with no technical experience.   It is their own web page where they can interact with their customers.  Each Business Showcase contains the following:


Full Business Info:  Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Link, Website Link at the top of their Business Showcase page.


The company's business Logo or Photo of their business.


An interactive Yahoo! map so customers can find them easily.


Full business description they can edit themselves using our easy WYSIWYG editor.  It's as easy as using Microsoft Word and allows the business to post any information they want about their business.  They can choose their own text fonts, sizes and colors, upload pictures of their business or products...Restaurants can even add their full menu here.  A full explanation and video tutorials are provided for them as well. 


Up to 3 Coupons/Savings Card offers are displayed if that business has added them, with a link to a printable page so they can print them out.


News & Special Offers section where the business can post any upcoming events or sales they may be having.


Active Marketplace Listings of the business are also displayed on their business showcase so visitors can browse any items that they have for sale.


  Add Unlimited Items to "The Marketplace"

Your advertisers can list as many products or services (with pictures) as they would like at no extra charge!   Their listing are featured and appear above all Free Classifieds.  It's a great way to show off their products/services.

  Unlimited Search Keywords

 If a site visitor searches for one of their keywords, instead of their business name, their listing will be displayed.  If "Joe's Plumbing" includes "Plumbers" as a keyword, they will be displayed when a visitor does a search for that as well. 

  Featured Business Scroll on Homepage

Every featured business is automatically added to the "Featured Business" scroll on your homepage.  Clicking it takes the visitor directly to their "Business Showcase"!

  Community Savings Card - Better than Coupons!



To find out more about a feature click the   button. 
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  Keep 100% of website profits!

This is not an affiliate program...all income goes directly to you, either via check or Paypal, and you set your own prices on everything!  You also keep every dime earned from the built in commission programs.

  Risk Free!  Cancel at any time!

With you sign NO CONTRACTS!.  If you feel the opportunity isn't right for you, simply cancel before your next payment and we will lease the guide to someone else.

  Exclusive Rights to your City will not sell another guide in your city for the entirety of your lease...we want you to have the ONLY city guide of its kind in your area!

  Free domain name (.COM/.NET/.ORG/.BIZ/.INFO/.US/.CO.UK) or use your own will renew your city guide domain name each year as long as you continue your lease.

  Free Hosting Package

Includes up to 5 free E-mail addresses & all the space/bandwidth you'll ever need for your city guide.

  Custom logo designed for your city

I custom design each logo to include your website name and picture(s) from your city.  I can also use pictures you provide me if desired.

   Easy to Use Account Manager for your Advertisers

Allows your members to edit their business info, coupons, news, logo, and add items (complete with pictures) to the Marketplace INSTANTLY with no programming experience!  This keeps website maintenance to an absolute minimum for you so you can concentrate on marketing....WOW! 

  Accept payments via credit card (Paypal) or check

All set up for you and ready to go.  All you need is a free Paypal account to accept credit card payments from your advertisers

  Easy to use Site Manager

Allows you to easily review signups and approve them with a few clicks.  This is also where you manage every other aspect of your website...create new pages, manage banner ads, and more.  Everything you need to manage your website, all with NO PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE required.  There's even a full tutorial to make sure managing your website is easy and headache free!
Click Here to View our Sample Site Manager

  Billing Manager

Located within your site manager is our billing manager, that shows your members whose listings are about to expire, and allows you to send a generated email to them reminding them to renew.  A great tool to help automate the billing aspect of owning the site.

  Mailing List/Newsletter Script

Easy to operate mailing list script allows users to sign up for your mailing list.  You can send out newsletters with a few clicks.  You can even charge businesses to advertise on your newsletter, another great revenue stream!

  Tech Support, Weekly Marketing Chat, Operator Forums, Marketing Tools has a full support system set up to help you succeed!  If you ever need help with anything I am just an email or a phone call away.   Hopefully the tutorials will help with any questions you may have, but if you have any trouble, just ask and I'll be happy to help!  We also run a weekly marketing chat with other city guide operators to share ideas and help each other along the way.  The Operator forums also provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and share ideas with other city guide operators.  Finally, the ever growing marketing tools are a great resource for marketing materials to promote your city guide.