The "Community Savings Card"
The Fastest Way to Promote and Grow Your City Guide


We have implemented an incredible way to spread your websites popularity like is called the "Community Savings Card".   By distributing these incredible cards across town, you simultaneously drive traffic to your website and to participating businesses, while cardholders enjoy great discounts by simply showing the Savings Card at those businesses!.  Your "Featured Members" can each offer up to 3 Coupons/Savings Card Offers that they can update as often as they would like.   We have already offered the Printable Savings Card on your website, so anyone just finding you can instantly save with the current offers...but we STRONGLY SUGGEST you take another step and purchase at least a minimum quantity of affordable High Quality Savings Cards that we will custom design for your website and have them shipped right to you. 

How Much are the Savings Cards? 
We have found a printer that will print the Savings Cards for an amazing value.  These are premium cards are 18 point thickness, full color and glossy laminated on both sides, they look incredible & important!   The following order quantities are available...the prices include shipping & handling:

2000 Community Savings Cards - $175   (.08 cents each)
6000 Community Savings Cards - $250   (.04 cents each)

How can it increase my sales/traffic?
This is the best part!  Let's say you purchase just the minimum amount to start out with.  After giving away some free and discounted listings (we suggest 10-20)  to get some great Savings Cards deals on your website from local start giving them away EVERYWHERE!  Leave them on the counters of businesses, hand them out on the street, leave them in restaurants, put them ANYWHERE you can think of.  The card is FREE and promotes your website by offering them deals and discounts for local businesses.  How do they find out where they can save?  They simply hang on to the card and visit your website....there is a complete, easy to find "Savings Card" page that lists all of the great deals they can get simply by showing their savings card.

People talk, and so it won't be long until they're telling their friends to print out their savings card.  You can even pick out some of your "Featured Businesses" to be "Pick up points" for the will bring customers to of course they'll want to do it.  The whole thing snowballs, all the while bringing you traffic, plus it is a great selling point to sign up PAYING FEATURED MEMBERS!  They don't want to be left behind!    We strongly feel the the Community Savings Card can and will be the "Driving Force" behind your city guide.


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