Hello, my name is John Stewart, and I am the sole owner, designer, and programmer of  I created the business opportunity in 2001 and have set up about 300 city guides over the past decade for satisfied customers. 

When you are considering investing in a business opportunity, I feel it is important that you are comfortable with the person your are sending your hard earned money to, and it is even more important that you be able to contact them if any questions or problems arise.  With so many scams out there, you really have to be suspicious of business opportunities that sound "too good to be true".  I would like you to know that I am a REAL person, that is offering a REAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.  That is why I display my PERSONAL CELL PHONE NUMBER (502-905-2236) on each and every page of my website.  I have nothing to hide and am happy to answer any and all of your questions if the website doesn't answer them for me.  I return ALL phone calls and e-mails promptly. Rest assured, when you become my client, you will not be left to "fend for yourself"....I won't disappear on you.  The phone number you have is the same one my wife calls when she needs me to pick up some I am always a phone call away if needed.

As for a little bit about myself:


  • Born in Biloxi, MS in 1976 but have lived in Louisville, KY my entire life, except for a few months. Have been to 4 KY Derby's, and suggest if you ever get a chance to do the same

  • Married to my lovely wife Nancy and have two sons, Henry and Charlie.  We also have a wonderful Golden Retriever named Ruby (after the Kenny Rogers song Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town)

  • Became interested in website design and programming in college.  Graduated with a degree in Graphic Design in 1999.

  • I play guitar and banjo.  I play electric banjo in a band.


  • I have worked in my family business ( ) since 1996.  We promote flea markets and other events in KY, IN, and TN. 

  • Founded Eclipse Website Design, my freelance graphic and web design company, in 1998.  I have served over 100 clients since that time.  I have slowly fazed out this business to focus on and

  • In 2000, I came up with the idea of offering local city guide websites to prospective website owners with varying computer experience, and began designing and programming and the foundation of what eventually became the websites I provide for my clients today.  In other words, about 10 years of work has gone into these websites!

  • In 2009 I began work on a new business opportunity at, which revolves around a Local Discount Card and allows owners to sell one of the most powerful and dynamic advertising packages in town.